Buy In

we'reWhen we decided to part ways with public school, we had a family discussion. In order to make this new plan/schedule/lifestyle work, we needed buy in from everyone. I have heard many parents proclaim that their kids won’t listen to them or won’t do what they say.

We worked hard to make a partnership. The agreement from the start was that there would be fewer hours of “school work” than regular school. Why? Because we have zero transitions. Zero waiting for everyone to be on the same page. Zero mucking around. We focus and then we finish. We’re all in this together. This concept works for us.

At the start of this journey, our students were five, seven, and twelve. We’ve never talked down to them. They’ve been active participants in all parts of the program. I’m sure this has helped. My suggestions:

  1. Explain the plan.
  2. Encourage autonomy.
  3. Involve your student(s) in decision making as much as possible.
  4. Support creativity.
  5. Skip busywork.